Hi I’m Amit Chauhan

Entrepreneur | Digital Marketer | Multipreneur | Investor |Sports Enthusiast | Marathoner

A Journey That Has Just Begun


I am from a nondescript town Pillu Khera Mandi which is in Safidon Tehsil in the Jind district of Haryana.  Not many of you beyond Haryana or Delhi might have ever heard of this name.

My grandfather was a laborer but my father chose to study and work hard and become a businessman.  Needless to say, we were the richest amongst our relatives‼ My aspirations and thinking were obviously different from that of my relatives.

I was always a leader; my friends would look up to me.  If they had a problem, I would be the guy that they would reach out to.

I always wanted to be rich and famous.  I would look out for opportunities to earn money even while at school.

My Business Forays

The Insurance Agent:  During my college years, a friend of mine was managing an insurance franchise, I worked part-time for him.  I ended up managing a 20-person team; unfortunately, did not get paid for 3 months.  Started the same business on my own but the business did not do well.

The Real Estate Expert:  Though I had returned back to college, there was this restless businessman within me craving for action. I started part-time work in real estate sales and marketing including fascinating door-to-door marketing.

The Turning Point-A Laptop was Stolen & I drop out of college

My father’s business was not doing well and the laptop that my parents had bought me got stolen. I was heartbroken but did not want my parents to know about it. I started working full time so that I could buy a laptop.

 The Manager

I started working with a healthcare company that was expanding its healthcare chain in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. Essentially, my role was to organize free medical camps in villages.  I was pretty good at that.  Soon, I became the manager of 5 healthcare centers.

My Chandigarh Days

I moved to Chandigarh to learn SEO and carve out a digital marketing career out of it, picked up SEM and started freelancing and got one eCommerce client, and started working full time for him.