I never was a sportsperson during my schooldays nor during college.  I did play the usual cricket and other sports that my friends would play. I was more inclined towards academia. As my career took me places, I moved from Jind to Chandigarh and eventually Delhi.  Being a workaholic, I did not find time for sports or fitness.  My career was my workout.  I put in long hours to upskill, set processes, try out various businesses, fail in a couple, and succeed in a few more.

My entrepreneurial journey consumed both my mental and physical space. 14 to 15 hours of focused work was the norm.

It suddenly dawned on me I was getting obese and podgy.  Being from Haryana’s rural hinterland, being fit was taken for granted.  The rural lifestyle ensured that you were fit, but then my city corporate lifestyle started showing up at various places obviously the first to take a hit was the waist size 😊.

I discovered CrossFit. A friend of mine was into CrossFit and he would discuss CrossFit all the time.  I joined this CrossFit Center near my place.  Though it was initially a tough routine to follow, I liked the vibe and the bunch of people with whom I would work out.  I found my mojo.

Interesting things happen, I meet my school buddy Ajay Rathore.  Now, this is that lazy ass in your group who was a couch potato as far as you could remember.  Here he was fit and fabulous; he was a marathoner doing half marathons and full marathons.  This SOB ignites the competitiveness “keeda” in me.  This is like @#$$%%%%@#@$$

When your legs can’t run anymore, run with your heart.

Watched a lot of marathon training videos. One fine morning, I just felt like running.  I start off doing a few laps of the sports ground. Set up a slow, consistent training routine, and I fell in love with running.  There is something about running that is addictive.  You are in your elements; it is just you; it is that willpower and determination that helps you to keep going. It is definitely not your physical fitness; it is a mind game. I am getting better each day.

Delhi Half Marathon 2020

Here I am.  I run approximately 100 km per month.  Last year, I clocked 600 km.  I took part in a half-marathon.


In my next article, I will keep you posted about how I train and possibly about my dietary changes, stay tuned‼